Christian World View

Our purpose is to develop godly character in our students and to be an extension of the home desiring to teach biblical values.

A Wholesome Atmosphere of Learning

To teach each child:

  • To apply the Bible to daily life through stories and songs
  • To respect and obey parents
  • To show kindness and friendship to peers
  • To listen and to follow directions

A Rich Ministry History

Schaumburg Christian Preschool and Kindergarten enjoys the rich history of being a ministry of Bethel Baptist Church, founded in 1959. In the mid-sixties, laws were passed that banned Bible reading and prayer in the public school system. Bethel families enthusiastically embraced the notion of starting a Christian School to allow their children the opportunity to continue receiving biblical values.

The school opened its doors to the community with the preschool in 1971, and continued to add grade levels until it reached 12th grade by 1980. Current enrollment has increased to over 1,200 students.

Educational Philosophy

During the preschool and kindergarten years children grow at an unprecedented rate, happily soaking up and storing information.

We cannot underestimate their capacity to learn!

Schaumburg Christian Preschool and Kindergarten is all about training children on purpose. We have specific developmental goals that we strive to achieve in the physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social aspect of each child.

By today’s terminology, we may be described as a teacher-directed classroom setting. We believe that our students need this adult leadership in their lives to provide essential academic and life skills, ensuring a strong foundation for their future schooling. We keep a good balance of play time and structured academics, maintaining both the enjoyment and challenge of learning.

Habits are formed early in each area of development. That is why it is so important to teach not only the basics in academics, but also in character. Our curriculum has been strategically designed to fulfill our philosophy.

Committed Teachers

For teachers at Schaumburg Christian Preschool and Kindergarten, it’s all about nurturing relationships with their student’s and their families.

Genuine love and a ministry mindset are what make our teachers different.

These fun-loving, experienced teachers have unity in purpose and a strong camaraderie. They challenge one another and pray together. They meet regularly to exchange ideas, plan activities and enhance the curriculum. Our turn-over rate is very low as many of our teachers have a long tenure with us.

For parents who like to be involved with their children’s education, this is the school for you. We encourage you to get involved in many areas: helping on field trips, class parties, crafts, special days, reading groups to name a few. New families receive a home visit from their child’s teacher to become better acquainted and to discuss their child’s specific needs.

Beautiful Facilities

Schaumburg Christian Preschool and Kindergarten buildings were designed with our children’s enjoyment and creativity in mind.

  • Bright colors
  • Ample play spaces, cafeteria, gymnasium, etc.
  • Specialty theme rooms
  • Windowed classrooms
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • Spacious hallways

Our clean facilities demonstrate the priority we place on the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff. See our virtual tour for a closer look.